Top Four Worst Celebrity Drivers


Some of the worst celebrity drivers out there has to be Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. There are a few others as well that you might be aware of.

Unfortunately, being famous, rich and successful doesn’t necessarily guarantee traffic sense. Rich and famous celebrities are often not required to drive at all, wealthy enough as they are to afford their own chauffeurs. However, when they do drive, many of them   display   atrocious driving skills that result in traffic violations, and even injurious accidents.

One of the worst celebrity drivers out there has to be Paris Hilton. Not only does the pampered hotel heiress have a long record of being involved in hit-and-run accidents, but she has also been involved in several other incidents, including one incident in which she backed up her car into a parked car, and then coolly drove away.

Many of Britney Spears’ escapades have made headlines over the past few years, as the actress went through a particularly horrific public meltdown. However, some of the worst episodes from that meltdown involved the actress’ irresponsible behavior behind the wheel. She was found driving with her baby on her lap, without wearing a seatbelt. Operating a car with your toddler baby on your lap, without bothering to restrain him in a car safety seat is one of the most irresponsible examples of parenting you could possibly display. It was bad enough that Spears exposed herself to the risk of injuries by not wearing a seat belt, but to expose her baby to serious harm was even worse. When the singer finally did get around to putting her baby in a safety seat, she put the baby in a seat that was facing the wrong way. The actress also has a longer history of minor accidents, dents, fender benders, and scrapes that make her eligible for this category.

Singer Billy Joel has a long history of accidents, having been involved in accidents back in 2002, 2003, and 2004. He was even involved in a motorcycle accident back in 1983. With   such a long history of accidents,   one of them even involving a slow Citroen 2CV, it would be fair to wonder about his driving abilities.

The worst driver on this list has to be Lindsay Lohan. In recent years, the actress has made the news for crashing her car into the back of an 18 wheeler, and most famously, getting arrested several times for driving under the influence. Lohan’s irresponsible behavior behind the wheel has resulted in several court appearances for her.

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