Prevention of Snowboarding Accidents


One of the major causes of snowboarding accidents and injuries every year is the use of defective or malfunctioning equipment. Call (800) 644-8000

One of the major factors in snowboarding accidents and injuries every year is the use of defective or malfunctioning equipment. If your snowboarding equipment consists of bindings that are too tight or loose, or if the equipment is not specific to your level, or the terrain, then it only increases your risks of being involved in an accident.

Equipment must be properly sized to the terrain that are using. Failure to use equipment that is built for your kind of use can increase your risk of being involved in an injurious accident.

Never attempt to snowboard without wearing helmets. Buy a helmet that complies with safety standards, and is manufactured by a reputed manufacturer. Wearing a helmet can substantially reduce the risks of being involved in a serious snowboarding accident. A collision with another snowboarder or a tree for instance, can increase your risk of suffering a brain injury. Those risks are substantially lower when you are snowboarding wearing a helmet.

However, in spite of all the advantages that come with wearing a helmet while snowboarding, not even half of snowboarders actually wear helmets every time. In fact, according to statistics, hardly about 50% of skiers and snowboarders wear helmets as a matter of routine while playing the sport.

If you are snowboarding in a park, make sure that you’re wearing other protective gear, including elbow and knee pads. These can reduce the risk of suffering joint fractures. Wearing protective equipment ┬áplays a major role in helping reduce the risk of snowboarding accidents. In fact, it can reduce the risk by as much as 43%.

Make sure that you receive proper instructions before you begin snowboarding, and follow all instructions carefully. It’s important to warm up properly, and also cool down after snowboarding, and your instructors will be able to advise you properly regarding this.

Avoid snowboarding soon after lunch when you’re more likely to feel drowsy, and stop snowboarding when you begin to feel fatigued.

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