Preventing Truck Accidents in California

truck accident

Truck accidents are known to result in serious injuries and fatalities, and also cost the economy billions of dollars every year.

In 2011, more than 264 large trucks were involved in accidents across the state of California. Truck accidents can have a devastating impact, resulting in serious injuries and fatalities, and also costing the economy billions of dollars every year.

There are specific techniques to driving around trucks that every motorist must be aware of. Driving around a truck requires extra alertness and caution. According to Road Safe America, one of the most important things to do when you’re driving around a truck is to avoid driving in the blind spot around the truck. Keep this basic simple rule in mind. If while driving, you are not able to see the side mirrors of the truck, then take it for granted that the truck driver cannot see you. It is very important to be aware of the blind spots around the truck, and avoid these as much as possible. According to statistics, as many as one -third of all truck accidents involving a large commercial truck and a smaller vehicle take place in these blind spots.

Driving cautiously is extremely important, when you are right in front of or following a tractor-trailer. Avoid cutting in front of a large truck. Keep in mind that a large commercial truck takes a much longer time to come to a complete stop after the driver applies the brakes. The truck can collide with your vehicle with possibly serious consequences.

Use correct procedures when you’re passing a large commercial vehicle on the highway. Maintain consistent speeds while passing, and avoid loitering around the blind spots at the sides of the truck.

When you are sharing the highway with a tractor-trailer, observe the driver’s turn signals before trying to pass the truck. Observe closely if the truck driver is trying to make a left turn, and if he is starting a left turn, check which way the driver is signaling, before you try to pass the truck on the right.

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