How to Prevent a Brain Injury

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Protecting the head from a jolt or a blow is key to helping reduce the risk of a brain injury.

Protecting the head from a jolt or a blow is key to helping reduce the risk of a brain injury. While some of the key measures that can help prevent a brain injury like wearing a helmet while motorcycling or bicycling are fairly obvious, others are not so evident.

One of the key steps that you can take to reduce the risk of suffering a brain injury while riding a motorcycle or bicycle is wearing a well-fitting helmet. Helmets must be worn not only while bicycling or motorcycling, but also while skateboarding, riding a snowmobile or riding an ATV or an all-terrain vehicle. Wear appropriate headgear when you’re playing contact sports including football, baseball, skiing or riding a horse.

When riding in a car, always wear your seat belts, and drive a car that comes with side airbags as well as frontal airbags. Make sure that small children are restrained appropriately in the backseat of the car in their car seats and booster seats.

A major cause of brain injuries are slip and fall accidents. In order to prevent falls in your own home, install handrails in bathrooms, install nonslip high-traction flooring, and place mats in the bathtub or shower. Make sure that floor coverings are safe to use, and as much as possible, avoid using area rugs and floor coverings altogether. Improve lighting to avoid slip and fall accident risks in darker areas of the house.

Senior citizens may be at a higher risk of brain injury due to slip and fall accidents. See a doctor regularly for vision checkups, make sure that the floor is clutter- free, and free of all objects and debris, and get regular exercise to reduce the risk of a fall.

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