Feds Propose New Food Safety Rules for Imported Food


A number of recent food poisoning outbreaks across the country have been linked to imported food,

A number of recent food poisoning outbreaks across the country have been linked to imported food, and the federal administration has now decided that it is time to introduce new rules that are specifically geared at making sure that food that is imported into the country is safe for all consumers.

The outbreak that has had the federal administration officials concerned has been linked to the organism cyclospora.  Several illnesses have been reported from at least 26 states, and more than 200 people are believed to have fallen sick from poisoning.

Federal administration officials have been scrambling to source the origin of the contamination, and believe that the source was most likely contaminated fresh produce that was imported into the country.  That has not been confirmed yet, but typically cyclospora food poisoning outbreaks are linked to contaminated fresh fruits and vegetables.

This is one of the more rare food infection outbreaks food poisoning lawyers have seen in this country, and usually, cyclospora food poisoning outbreaks are confined to parts of Southeast Asia and Latin America.  The fact that there is such a widespread outbreak in this country should definitely give the federal administration enough impetus to kick start higher food safety standards that will help protect American consumers from contaminated imported foods.

The cyclospora outbreak is not the only one this year linked to imported produce and foods.  At least 153 people fell sick in a hepatitis A outbreak which was linked to contaminated pomegranate seeds earlier this year.   The contaminated pomegranate seeds had been imported from Turkey.

The Food and Drug Administration is now proposing new rules that would strengthen the existing accreditation standards for foreign food safety auditors that are used by food companies to ensure that imported food is safe.

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