Can Your Sunscreen Result in a Burn Injury?


The number of burn injuries associated with the use of sunscreen is high

The number of burn injuries associated with the use of sunscreen is high, and we’re not talking about sunburns that result when you haven’t slathered enough of lotion or cream on exposed skin at the beach.  Last year at least, the federal administration recorded at least five incidents involving persons whose skin burst into flames, after their sunscreen got on fire.

These incidents were caused when the sunscreen literally burst into flames in certain situations.  According to the Food and Drug Administration, in 2012 alone, it recorded five incidents in which sunscreen caught fire when people were near flammable substances.  In one of those cases, a person caught fire, when he lit a cigarette.  He was wearing sunscreen at the time.  Another person’s sunscreen burst into flames while he was standing next to a citronella candle.

In the more severe cases, cases, and one that California burn injury lawyers warn specifically of this summer, a man applied spray sunscreen just before he began work on his backyard grill.  The sunscreen ignited, with flames raging through his arms and upper torso.  He suffered second-degree burns and was rushed to the hospital.

In another case, a woman applied a spray sunscreen to her body, and then switched on a welding torch.  Her entire arm caught fire.

The danger in sunscreen sprays is that many of them contain flammable substances including alcohol.  In some of the cases that were reported last year to the Food and Drug Administration, the persons were using Banana Boat brand spray sunscreen.  Last year, the company that manufactured the products recalled the sunscreens.  The recall was linked to a risk that the product would ignite the skin when it came into contact with a flammable substance before the skin was completely dry.

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